Investigation of the physical development and the preparedness of children aged 8-12 years old who are going in for sambo




Sambo, Athlete, 8-12 Years Old Children, Physical Development, Physical Preparedness


The investigation is devoted to the analysis of the influence of sambo training on the physical development and physical preparedness of 8-12 years old children. The aim of the investigation. To study the physical development and physical preparedness of 8-12 years old children. The material and the method of the research. The object of the study was 100 children aged from 8 to 12 years old training in sambo at the sports club "Alga" in Karakol city and the sports club "Dinamo" in Bishkek city. 20 children from each age threshold were the object of the study. Applied methods: anthropometry, Quetelet, and Erisman indices, as well as physical preparedness tests, such as 30-meter run, dynamometry method, and forward bending test from a sitting position. Results of the research. The physical development indices of children aged 8-12 years engaged in sambo were increasing as they grew older. When assessing the physical development of children using the Quetelet and Erisman indices, the indicators were defined as "normal". In terms of physical preparedness of children 8-12 years old: growth and development of such qualities as speed, strength, and flexibility were observed as they grew older. When comparing the indicators of rapidness with the normative values, they were given a rating of "satisfactory".


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