Benefits of visual management in the automotive industry




Gestão Visual, Prazos de Produção, Processos de Trabalho, Indústria Automobilística


With the aim of providing adequate information for efficient decision-making, as well as clear instructions to speed up understanding of the status of processes and enable tasks to be carried out correctly, helping to improve the work performance of employees, a technique known as visual management has been developed. Its main objective is to improve quality and productivity at work by optimizing internal operational routines and helping to make companies more competitive. In this context, the purpose of this paper is to highlight the benefits that the adoption of visual management has brought to a heavy vehicle automotive industry. By applying concepts related to visual management, with a focus on meeting the deadlines involved in vehicle updating and modernization projects, the aim was to improve results by developing and integrating the model's own instruments into the production sector responsible. Para isso, foram adaptadas técnicas e ferramentas, sob a abordagem da gestão visual, de maneira a se obter redução nos prazos de produção e, como consequência, a melhoria da produtividade no trabalho. The results achieved showed an improvement in the management of operational activities in the sector, as well as greater compliance with the production deadlines set by the company, helping to increase the sustainability and competitiveness of its industrial operations.


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do Rosário, M. N., Reis, J. S. da M., de Almeida, M. da G. D., Sampaio, N. A. de S., & de Barros, J. G. M. (2023). Benefits of visual management in the automotive industry. Revista De Gestão E Secretariado, 14(11), 19414–19429.

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