Implementation of a reliability cell in a natural gas treatment unit




Maintenance Management, Performance Indicators, Engineering, Availability


Maintenance management in large companies is essential to ensure the continuous, safe and efficient operation of their complex systems and assets. The implementation of reliability cells plays a crucial role in this context. These cells are multidisciplinary teams dedicated to improving equipment reliability through data analysis, performance monitoring, predictive maintenance, and preventive actions. By adopting this approach, companies can proactively identify potential failures, minimize unplanned downtime, and extend asset life. Furthermore, reliability cells contribute to worker safety, reduced operating costs and increased market competitiveness, making them a crucial tool in the management of large companies. In this context, the implementation of the security cell aims to improve and solve problems in a simplified way, through strategic planning. Through data validation, performance, and disclosure with their pre-determined deadlines for each subsystem of the unit, corrective maintenance was minimized, and preventive and predictive maintenance were improved, generating maximum equipment availability.


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Soares, E. B., Ferreira, F. F. M., & Barbosa, P. P. (2023). Implementation of a reliability cell in a natural gas treatment unit. Revista De Gestão E Secretariado, 14(11), 19297–19306.