Improvement intervention proposal for a small clothing company: airtable software




Airtable, Database, PPC, Professional Uniforms


The basis for any industry to achieve high growth potential and, consequently, profitability, comes from organization, efficiency, standardization, quality, among other factors. Entrepreneurs are often unable to pinpoint how damaging the disorganization of a production process is, poor programming and development can suck up all the company's profits, and due to the lack of planning and production control this situation can be imperceptible in the final process. All of these points can be resolved with good company organization aligned with good production planning and control. However, every optimization process requires everyone's involvement and commitment, that is, everyone needs to be willing to donate to achieve process improvement that brings positive impacts to both the worker and the company. In this work we observed the importance of developing and implementing Production Planning, Programming and Control (PPCP) software on an online platform called Airtable. With the software it was possible to access the company's entire data history, making the information easily accessible for everyone in the company. As a result, it was possible to see a significant improvement in the company's organization, a reduction in lead time and consequently a significant growth.


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Ferreira, F. F. M., Soares, E. B., & Barbosa, P. P. (2023). Improvement intervention proposal for a small clothing company: airtable software. Revista De Gestão E Secretariado, 14(11), 19253–19265.