Factors affecting the profitability of enterprises: a survey of some Vietnam agricultural product export enterprises





Profitability, ROA, ROE, Enterprises Exporting Agricultural Products, Vietnam


Agricultural export enterprises play an important role in the economy, contributing significantly to economic development and growth. Optimizing their operations can support the building of a sustainable economy. In this study, Stata software was used to select an appropriate regression model to evaluate the impact of factors on the profitability of agricultural export enterprises in Vietnam in the period from 2013 - 2022. Research results have shown that debt ratio, asset structure, and operating time of the business all have a significant impact on the return on assets and equity. Other factors have only a strong impact on one of these two factors or are not statistically significant in explaining the impact on profitability. This result emphasizes the importance of agricultural export enterprises reviewing their capital structure and asset structure and carefully evaluating the impact of these factors in the process of building business strategies to optimize profitability.


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